Franz Xaver von Pausinger  "Fighting Deer"  (1887)
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Franz Xaver von Pausinger "Fighting Deer" (1887)

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Franz Xaver von Pausinger spent his childhood in Schloss Frein in Frankenburg am Hausruck. He attended the Volksschule there and later the Realschule in Salzburg. He was trained as an academic painter in Karlsruhe and Zürich.

After gaining fame as an illustrator, he accompanied Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria on a trip to the East. He was also occupied as an illustrator in Vienna and Munich. He lived in Salzburg, with a home and studio in Schloss Elsenheim.

He married Rosalia Hinterhuber, the daughter of a pharmacist. He was buried in a grave of honor at the Salzburger Kommunalfriedhof. In 1915, the Salzburg street Pausingerstraße was named after him. In 1920 the Pausingergasse in Penzing was also named after him. Substantial parts of his legacy are owned by the Salzburg Museum and the Austrian National Library.