Christian Kröner  "Deer Pack in Winter"  (1911)
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Christian Kröner "Deer Pack in Winter" (1911)

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Kröner, son of the decorative painter Johann Kröner (1788–1848) and his wife Clara Regina, née Meyer (1792–1862), attended high school in his hometown until 1852  and then worked for his brother, who had taken over the paternal painting business , as an apprentice. In addition, he practiced sketching according to nature. It was only from 1861 that he could continue to devote himself to art. He first went to Munich and the artist colony in Brannenburg , where he painted landscapes and got to know local painters, including Carl Irmer , Wilhelm Busch , Julius Rollmann andLouis Hugo Becker . In 1862 he was back in Rinteln. In 1863 he went to Düsseldorf. There concluded he was the landscape painter Louis Hugo Becker on, moving in the milieu of the Düsseldorf School , the stepped Künstlerverein paint box in  and formed by self-study and frequent trips to Upper Bavaria , Thuringia and particularly Westphalia to a landscape and animal painter on. Even hunters who live and hunt the wild gameobserved calmly as in dramatic moments and able to portray with sharp characteristics, he soon gained great importance. Among his circle of friends in Düsseldorf were Gustav Süs , Karl Bertling and Eduard Geselschap ,  also Abert Baur , Eugen Dücker and Carl Irmer.  At the turn of the century he was universally recognized as the leading painter of the Düsseldorf hunting animal painting