Carl Friedrich Deiker  "The Top Dog - Deer In Landscape"  (circa 1875)
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Carl Friedrich Deiker "The Top Dog - Deer In Landscape" (circa 1875)

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Carl Friedrich Deiker, son of the drawing teacher Christian Friedrich Deiker , became a student at the State Drawing Academy in Hanau and began his artistic studies under the director Theodor Pélissier (1794-1863), which he did in 1858 at the Grand Ducal Bad Art School with the landscape painter Johann Wilhelm Schirmer in Karlsruhe continued. Deiker also received lessons and inspiration from his brother Johannes Deiker .

Carl Friedrich Deiker, like his brother, specialized in the depiction of animal and hunting motifs. From 1864 until his death he lived in Düsseldorf. He liked to paint big game and wild boar and liked to describe deer fights, fleeing big game - pursued by the hunter - hawks and the like. He also treated vultures and falcons, scenes from the life of the foxes with luck. A Sauhatz (1870) is in the Museum in Cologne. He has also drawn numerous hunting scenes for illustrated sheets and hunting books. With his dramatic portrayals of hunting and his connection to the painting of the Rubens School , he is considered to be an important initiator of animal painting at the Düsseldorf School. 

The British animal painter Louis Henry Weston Klingender , the Swedish animal painter Bruno Liljefors and the German animal painter Fritz Schürmann were students of Deiker, as was the son Carl Deiker , born in 1879 , who became an animal painter and writer.