Collection of S.F. Denton Fish Giclee Reproduction Prints

Purchase framed or unframed canvas prints of S.F. Denton's Fish from the Forest Fish and Game of New York. 

Sherman F. Denton (1856 – 1937)   Born on Sept 24, 1856 in Dayton Ohio, S.F. Denton was a naturalist, inventor and a skilled artist who taught himself to draw and paint.  Best known for his incredible watercolor illustrations of North American fish , S.F. Denton created his fish prints from 1895 to 1909.  During this time he produced over 100 chromolithographs for the State of New York Fisheries, Game, and Forest Commission’s Annual Reports.  Commonly referred to as the ’Denton Fish Prints’,  his chromolithographs, still highly regarded even today, are renowned for their detail and vivid colors.  Today we are able to digitally reproduce these beautiful prints with near perfection to the originals.  At the age of 81, S. F. Denton passed away at  home on June 24, 1937 .  He is buried at the Woodlawn Cemetery in Wellesley.